Preserving the Arts: A Documentary

Friends, I’m working on a documentary project focused on the positive impact of the arts on society. For more info, please read on and check out the Kickstarter link below. The goal of… Continue reading

Behind-the-Scenes in Europe

I accumulated number of behind-the-scenes shots of my photography gear shooting time-lapse sequences during a recent trip to Europe. Locations included Aix-en-Provence, Marseilles, Nice in France and Monterosso in Italy. I always find… Continue reading

DC Solar Congress

I recently filmed an all day conference for DC SUN, a DC based company in the solar industry which helps educate citizens on the benefits of solar energy. The conference discussed the state… Continue reading

Tutorial: Basic Time-lapse Photography

I created this short time-lapse photography tutorial as I love shooting time-lapse sequences and am often asked how to shoot them. This video covers the basics – hopefully it helps some folks out… Continue reading

The horse farm

I visited a horse farm this weekend just outside DC as part of a current project I’m working on. The farm specializes in training & transitioning race-horses for other disciplines once they’re done… Continue reading

FEB 2014 Calendar – DC (Free for Personal Use)

Hey folks…I just made this Feb 2014 calendar. Backdrop – shot I took a few years ago after moving to DC. Feel free to use this as a wallpaper/cover photo, etc. And let… Continue reading


For freelancers/service providers looking for assistance in getting work/building up their client base – Thumbtack is an incredibly handy website to assist with this. I just started using Thumbtack  – so far it’s… Continue reading

The Impressive St. Paul’s

St. Paul’s Cathedral – my favorite part of the London skyline. Such a dominating and impressive presence. Details: 8″ / F8 / ISO 100 Canon 5D2 Canon 24-105mm F4.0 L    

NYC Skyline Composite

  It’s time I started getting savvy with Photoshop – haven’t used it much yet. One of the first things I wanted to try with it was to put together a time-lapse composite… Continue reading

Photography Lessons – Washington DC Area

I’ve decided to start offering photography lessons to people in the DC / Maryland / Virginia area – the lessons will include: – 1 ‘class’ session going over photography basics, including your camera… Continue reading

Flat-Iron Building

I took this right before winter storm Hercules started dumping snow down on NYC…testing out some long exposure fun!   F9.0, 4.0″, ISO 100 Canon 5D2 Canon 24-105mm F4.0 L Lens —  

London @ Dusk

A few of my shots from October – was visiting London during the US government shut-down as I was out of work. Figured  might as well get some photography time in!

iPhone Filmmaking

So I had a bunch of video clips from the last few months on my iPhone that I took while traveling around – felt like throwing them together and sharing the traveling theme.… Continue reading

Hiking in the Rockies

I was flying back from Wyoming after finishing pre-deployment training at the same time one of DC’s biggest snow-storms hit – commonly referred to as ‘Snowmageddon’. It delayed my flight back for 4… Continue reading

Vilnius: Border Crossing in a Blizzard

Really enjoyed this post by Jonathon Cusack on his experiences on the trains through Russia. Appreciated the mysterious/isolated vibe it gives.

LONDON iPhone-ography

So the reason I even went to London in the first place was the US government shut down. As I’m a government employee I didn’t have anything to do for the first half… Continue reading

Star-trails Time-lapse

I compiled this star-stream time-lapse video in last month using a time-lapse sequence I shot in DC last fall. I only recently figured out how to create the ‘star-streaking’ effect using Adobe After… Continue reading


I made an impromptu decision to go to London for a few days. I love the deep variety and character of the city. I’d already visited the St. Paul’s Cathedral area but had… Continue reading

Darker Side of DC

So I’ve recently been keeping an eye out for the ‘darker’ sites I come across in DC. Basically, local areas within the city limits that, when viewed without their larger ‘context’ surroundings, don’t… Continue reading

Vintage DC

Shot this with the iPhone – testing out the new ‘8MM Vintage Camera’ app. Adds some nifty retro effects to the video, definitely makes it more fun to shoot. Incidentally, some of the… Continue reading

DC Navy Yard Scene – 2

After work on Monday (Sep 16) I went to the Navy Yard area to see if they needed any volunteers for help with anything after the shooting. They didn’t; emergency personnel were transporting… Continue reading

DC Navy Yard Scene


The Logistical Problems of Being Batman

I’ve often thought about what it would be like to actually BE Batman. As in, living the actual life of Bruce Wayne/Batman. Of course, we’ve all seen the movies, which show the intense/glamorous/badass… Continue reading

2013 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Fundraising Campaign

Dear friends, A friend of mine, Roxana Muzzamel, is a candidate participating in the 2013 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Man & Woman of the Year Campaign to help raise money for blood… Continue reading

First skydiving lesson!

First skydiving lesson! At Skydive Orange in Orange, VA. 2 instructors jump with you and hold onto you until you pull your chute – they make sure you go through all the checks… Continue reading

DC In Motion Time-lapse

This is a short time-lapse piece on DC – my home for most of the last 5 years. It took me about 3 months of shooting and plenty of editing to finally finish… Continue reading

Pennsylvania Avenue Time-lapse

Short time-lapse sequence I shot when I was testing out my time-lapse rig about a year ago (Dynamic Perception Stage Zero rig). The sequence was just a test but turned out nice with… Continue reading

Philadelphia & NYC

I visited Philadelphia this weekend for the second time with friends – and as I was the only one who’d been there before I was the default tour guide. So, we hit up… Continue reading

Inauguration 2013 Footage

Here’s the footage I shot on Inauguration Day last month. I shot a few scenes the night before, showing some of the preparation taking place on the National Mall – mostly press/media and… Continue reading

Short Film – Christmas in Stockholm

So, here’s what I consider my first proper video production – a short film on my Christmas trip to Stockholm. I recently started testing my Canon 5D2’s video abilities – hadn’t seriously used… Continue reading